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The transformation of the Super Aggressive Mansory Aventador J.S. 1 Edition!


Tuner origin Germany, whose specialties make this super cars, again showing off her talents. Not less handsome than previous artificial, Mansory makes Lamborghini Aventador SV so the more amazing.

Sharp dent Aventador SV this time transformed into a super aggressive figure. Glue the aero kit of naked carbon fiber from Mansory design change dynamics at the same time the appearance of this supercar became increasingly unusual.

Presented with the name Mansory Aventador J.S. 1 Edition, the tuner design inspired the world's most expensive, Lamborghini hypercar Veneno, applied to a number of angles. Any physical makin sporty thanks to a wheelbase extended following alloy roof scoop cool decorate part roof.

While aero kit unique front-end bumper side update, front lip spoiler, side skirts and other carbon fiber parts function maximize aerodynamics downforce at once so that cars from Italy is the more palatable when the maneuver at high speed.

Do not want to stop there, thus completing the work of Mansory special one-off model of orders art dealer while billionaire origin london James Stunt these engines also participated in an upgrade.

A 6.5 liter V12 engine belongs to the Aventador SuperVeloce (SV) is modified such that it is able to present a more awesome power. Armed with a maximum power of up to 819 hp with peak torque 750 Nm, J.S. 1 Edition is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h within 1.7 seconds.

Dia Show Tuning 830PS Mansory Lamborghini Aventador Hammer Mansory J S 1 Edition

Hyundai Santa Fe Official release in Indonesia

Hyundai Santa Fe facelift version finally slid in Jakarta, Thursday (18/2/2016). Launch of the first new products so Cars Hyundai Indonesia in 2016.


Now the more elegant Santa Fe design leads to a style of European cars. The whole exterior covering refreshment and additional car equipment.

Boyke à Setyawan, Product Planning Head HMI explain the difference compared to the old models, namely the new design on the grilles, headlight HID Projector, DRL that is now separate from harga yamaha nmax the fog lamps, and LED taillights, skid plate, as well as muffler tip new. In addition to the New Santa Fe now had a cornering light and parking sensors at the car's face.

In cabin, leather steering wheel and can be arranged up and down. Centralized operation of all because now the buttons placed on the dashboard. Other standard features, panoramic sunroof, dual zone climate control, AUX connector, and 6 speakers.

"The suspension is now arranged more conveniently create 7-passenger," said Boyke HMI now also say that more focus on such seating configuration.

Engine options remained the same as before, CRD diesel-powered i-197 PS and torque 436 Nm as well as petrol 2.4 L MPI D-CVVT with 176 PS and 226 Nm torque.

The second machine was available only in automatic transmission 6-acceleration.

Specifically for diesel engines is available a choice of three Drive modes, i.e. Normal, Eco, Sport, and use a 19 inch rims. While gasoline is only available two types, Normal and Eco, these rims are 18 inches.

Other supplies are already available on the Santa Fe, namely auto-brake system (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD), brake assist (BA), two air bags in the front, immobilizer, and bulgar alarm.

Latest Santa Fe already coasting at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015, five months later monokok SUV front-wheel drive were present in Indonesia. HMI said the cheapest type and 4WD variants will follow later.

In Indonesia the Santa Fe midsize SUV segment entry to an already filled out All-New Fortuner and All-New Pajero Sport.

Toyota C-HR will be assembled in Turkey

Toyota official reveals the concept of C-HR will be assembled in Turkey in the area of hybrid engines that Sakarya supplied from Wales.

Later C-HR in real form will be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2016.

Unfortunately Toyota still covered meetings of the specifications of the C-crossover segment.


Besides C-HR will be based on a new platform of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) and will become the eighth model produced by Toyota in Europe.

This hybrid car will likely be produced and sold at the beginning of next month. We just wait its presence.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is already present in Indonesia

Offer alluring automotive market already greet Indonesia. Pajero Sport the latest generation finally landed in Indonesia. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport ready Toyota Fortuner latest opponents.

Although still step on the beginning of the year, offer entrancing already greet automotive market Indonesia. Pajero Sport the latest generation finally landed in Indonesia. The arrival of the latest SUV model Mitsubishi is already highly anticipated consumer Indonesia since last year.

If seen as a whole, the body is identical to the Pajero Sport circulating in Thailand. Not surprising, since Pajero Sport sold in Indonesia it is a unit of CBU from Thailand.

The exterior side is still similar to the previous model with a front display an aggressive menyiku. Proyektornya headlights using bi-LED technology, which means the lights are far and near can be enabled via a single lens projector. So not needed additional area to put a special reflector for lamp as far away as the Pajero Sport on the previous generation. As a result the headlights now appear very flat.


A futuristic design continued on the front bumper grilles to sector. Layers of chrome on the fascia as being big-style grilles dimensions frame mesh. If the front area has a futuristic aura, the side appeared resilient thanks to the mudguards with a box and stand out.

Auto2000 already sells All New Fortuner to 2,000 Units


All New Fortuner which has just been introduced already accounted for the sale of as many as 2,000 units at Auto2000. The number of changes made many consumers are interested in buying it.

Agus Prayitno as Chief Executive Auto2000 any pass that Number 2000 unit sales of All New Fortuner manifest also due to customer trust. Therefore this dealer does not mess with his Ministry.

"To give you the best experience in owning a vehicle Toyota, we will continue to maintain our quality and service," said Agus.

All New Fortuner comes with 6 line up with 3 main types namely, VRZ and SRZ as latest grade, as well as g. Recorded during the seven-day sale All New Fortuner through Auto2000, type VRZ 4 × 2 dominated sales amounted to 1431 unit with a percentage of 70% of the total sales of All New Fortuner.

"New week All New Fortuner was launched apparently society has given a positive response, and Interestingly, a variant of the sought-after customers are the type a 4 × 2 VRZ is one of the newest types of launches," said Martogi Siahaan as Chief Marketing Auto2000.

Sales composition consecutively All New Fortuner 4 × 2, i.e. G-type with 14%, and type SRZ by 8%. While for All New Fortuner 4 × 4, i.e. 6% VRZ-type and G-type of 2%.

"Our sales during the week, there are three favorite colors, namely the Attitude of Black Mica, Super White II, and Phantom Brown which is a new color," said Martogi.

Martogi else added the 92% of the total sales of the new Fortuner Diesel is dominated by, and this in accordance with the predictions of Toyota Astra Motor diesel variants by presenting more than gasoline. Automatic transmission ever more devotees if compared with the manual transmission, with a composition of 92% for the A/T.

There Are Still Complaints Behind Look Cool Suzuki Ertiga Dreza

The new face of Suzuki Ertiga Dreza is beautiful. Unique, primarily on the design of the grill and the air flow on a new bumper. In addition to the functions in the more optimal, also makes eksterior so cool.


Unfortunately, the cool look behind the Suzuki Ertiga Dreza, still has complaints from the owners of the previous model. One of the owners of the Suzuki Ertiga who otobib happens to join Ertiga Mania party Suzuki spare design offered a new face which is cool, but still there's the Scotch.

Rock and gravel can enter into the gap of the grill or bumper air flow, which it is feared could damage the radiator grille, even to cause leaks.

However, the Head of Product Development at PT 4W Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS), Donny S expressed, it is very understanding of that concern, therefore the latest designs from Ertiga Dreza was designed to eliminate concerns of the times.

New Ertiga Dreza Launching